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tantrahypnosis4u.com I'm Hypnotist, Intimacy Coach, Tantra Heale. I do Tantra, Healing, Orgasm Hypnosis for Relaxation or Help with your issues (with your Fantasy, Desires, Fetish + Erotic Hypnosis.) Hypnosis helps with Sexual issues + Men can learn Multiple Orgasms. I do Orgasm Hypnosis incall or over the phone or video sessions.

You are sexually frustrated. Feel Freedom to express yourself. Feel Peace in your mind. Free yourself from Stress Anxiety, and Feel Stress Relief.

Tantra Hypnosis Helps Sexual Healing and other Issues as well for Women, Men, and Couples.

Check prices and information on my website tantrahypnosis4u.com

Contact me please, I Help Men with erection issues - ED, Premature Ejaculation - PE or problems reaching orgasm, Delayed Ejaculation - DE. I do Prostate Massage, even doctors recommend this.

I also Help Women with problems reaching orgasm, I help your relationship, and intimacy and your sexual life will be much better.

You like to be in your FANTASY. You Wish your lovemaking become incredible.

You never felt like this before. Relaxing, Ecstasy, Open your Desires, be in your Fantasy.

Healing with Pleasure. Feel more Pleasure. Hypnosis is used for Healing, Intimacy, Relationship, Sexuality, etc.

If you need help with other issues, let me know. - Low, High libido - Small Penis - Guilt - Low self-esteem - Balancing sexual vital energy (yin yang) - Enjoy the intimacy - You have been abused or hurt in your past

I will help you who have a Broken Heart or are going through a divorce tough time and need emotional support. Talk to me first. I will help you keep your marriage.

- Dating - Start Dating after divorce - Relationship - Learn how to attract women or men

- Open block of creativity - Stop smoking - Weight loss - Stop drinking - Public Speaking problem

- Past life regression - Age regression

Prices on my Website tantrahypnosis4u.com


let me know, if you have other issues.

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